The night was set, it was the 3rd of May - we were poised for another sensational evening of cracking music and entertainment. Equipped with all the hallmarks of another classic Jazz Café, we kicked the evening off with a 'blast from the past', with a vintage number from the one and only Blues Brothers. The continuing theme of the first half of our set saw us play many time-honoured vintage jazz numbers. These were balanced in the second half with many more upbeat jazz interpretations of modern pop and rock anthems. The balance allowed for a great contrast between the types of music originally played in a big band style - Mood Indigo by Duke Ellington for example - and also the types of music which seem to hit big in the modern era.

The Jazz Academy - also known as the Junior Band - kicked off the evening with four of their top crowd pleasers. Lead by Ruben Buts, they sure showed off the exceptional, young talent that the Senior Orchestra will be fronted with in years to come.

The evening also allowed solo performers, Dan Puckey and Ruben Buts, to grace the audience with two sublime performances. Dan on the guitar played a couple of the top numbers from his album 'No Lyrics' - while Ruben, on the piano, played a frankly awesome classical instrumental piece - perhaps more impressive for the fact that he played entirely from memory!

Once again the evening finished superbly as we 'played our socks off' with CeeLo Greens' 'Forget You', summing up our evening as the crowd pleaser managed to rake a few "encores" from the audience. Once again, we have to say a great thanks to Benji Vincent for his organisation of the night, our great committee for helping on the evening and also to everybody who came along to support us. Hopefully we will see many more of you at our end of year Jazz Cafe on the 19th of July. See you there!

Author: Aaron Courts
Tagged: Post-Easter Jazz Cafe, Jazz Cafe, Jazz Academy, Blues Brothers

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